Assurance ComfortTred


Load Index: 91 | Speed Index: W
Product Code: 586139


Assurance ComfortTred is the new premium touring tyre from Goodyear. Featuring a noise and vibration reducing layer in the tyre to help insulate tyre from rolling noise and vibration, as well as a new generation compound for improved wet grip performance, Assurance ComfortTred provides a quiet and smooth driving experience.

  • Noise & Vibration reducing layer - Helps to insulate tyre against rolling noise and vibrations for a quieter more comfortable ride
  • Closed shoulder pattern design - Helps to reduce air pumping noise for a quieter drive
  • New generation compound - Strong wet grip performance


Vehicle Type: Passenger

Performace Category: Touring

Brand: Goodyear

Pattern: Assurance ComfortTred

Size: 205/55R16 91W

Load Index: 91

Speed Index: W

Product Code: 586139


Size Load/Speed Index Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code
205/55R16 91W More Info
205/60R16 92W More Info
215/55R16 97W More Info
215/60R16 95W More Info
215/50R17 95W XL More Info
215/55R17 98W More Info
225/45R17 94Y More Info
225/50R17 98Y More Info
225/55R17 97Y More Info
225/60R17 103W XL More Info
235/45R17 94W More Info
235/50R17 96W More Info
245/45R17 97Y More Info
225/45R18 95W More Info
235/45R18 98W More Info
235/50R18 97W More Info
245/40R18 93W More Info
245/45R18 100W More Info
245/45R19 102W XL More Info

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Pattern: Assurance ComfortTred

Selected Size: 205/55R16 91W

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