Load Index: 118 | Speed Index: Q
Product Code: 594870


The RUGGED TREK is the perfect mix between family SUV tyre and off-road adventure tyre. This all-rounder will travel quietly on-road, hold grip in the wet and corner nicely on highways and mountain roads with the use of it's Whisper Groove Shields, Stable Trac Technology and Advanced Silica Compound. When you need to venture off-road the unique features will come to life. The RUGGED TREK features High Tensile Body Ply and Rugged Shoulder Protection to reduce damage, and Stone Blockades and Earth Diggers for grip on soft surfaces.

  • The Adaptive Sidewall provides a strong assertive look while delivering improved soft surface traction and increased sidewall protection with two distinctive designs: Knife Edge and Mountain Pass.
  • Stable Trac Technology, omni-directional micro-gauge siping, enhances traction on wet roads and rough surfaces, improving stability and control.
  • Stone Blockades are jutting ridges that dislodge debris and protect the tyre from damage when off-road.
  • Earth Diggers are large shoulder scoops and lugs that forcefully dig into dirt, sand and mud for enhanced traction.
  • Cooper’s high strength, High Tensile Body Ply is 20% stronger than most other brands, giving you enhanced resistance to impact damage when driving off-road.
  • Advanced Silica Compound, formulated with the optimum content of chemically-coupled silica. This provides excellent wet traction and highway handling while lowering rolling resistance, for more grip and better fuel efficiency.


Vehicle Type: 4wd

Performace Category: Off Road 4wd

Brand: Cooper


Size: LT245/70R16 118Q

Load Index: 118

Speed Index: Q

Product Code: 594870


Size Load/Speed Index Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code
245/70R16 118Q E More Info
265/70R16 121Q E More Info
265/75R16 123Q E More Info
265/65R17 120Q E More Info
265/70R17 121Q E More Info
265/70R17 121Q E More Info
285/70R17 121Q E More Info
265/60R18 119Q E More Info
265/60R18 114T XL More Info
265/65R18 116T XL More Info
275/65R18 123Q E More Info
275/70R18 125Q E More Info
35x12.5R20 125Q F More Info
265/50R20 111T XL More Info
275/55R20 117T XL More Info
275/65R20 126Q E More Info
285/55R20 122Q E More Info
305/55R20 125Q F More Info

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Selected Size: LT245/70R16 118Q

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