Load Index: 102 | Speed Index: H
Product Code: 3914120449


The ATT, with SUV drivers in mind, is perfect for all lifestyles. Delivering a mulitutude of features including comfort, durability and value for money. Guaranteed for 60,000kms with A-rated grip to give you more mileage without sacrificing grip.

  • Aqua Vac™ Channels - Improves the tyre’s resistance to hydroplaning.
  • Centre Wear Square™ - Helps easily monitor your tyre tread wear for longer tyre life.
  • High Silica Content Compound - Provides excellent cut and chip performance and best-in-class tread wear and traction.
  • High Tensile And High Density Steel Belts - The belt package is 37% stronger than other standard SUV tyres.
  • High Tensile Light Truck Body Ply - Enhances damage resistance and increases load carrying capacity. 49% stronger than standard SUV tyres.
  • Raised Curb-Bar Design - Enhances damage resistance.
  • Stone Ejector Ledges And Engineered Groove Shapes - Easily eject stones and gravel, protecting from stone drilling and maintaining a clean tread for enhanced rough road traction.
  • Whisper Grooves™ - Provides a sound barrier that inhibits tyre noise for a quieter ride.


Vehicle Type: Softroader

Performace Category: All Terrain

Brand: Cooper

Pattern: ATT

Size: 215/65R16 102H

Load Index: 102

Speed Index: H

Product Code: 3914120449


Size Load/Speed Index Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code
215/65R16 102H XL More Info
235/60R16 104H XL More Info
245/70R16 111H XL More Info
265/70R16 116T XL More Info
215/55R17 98H XL More Info
215/60R17 100H XL More Info
225/55R17 101H XL More Info
225/60R17 103H XL More Info
225/65R17 106H XL More Info
235/60R17 106H XL More Info
265/65R17 116H XL More Info
265/65R17 116H XL More Info
225/55R18 102H XL More Info
235/55R18 104H XL More Info
235/65R18 110H XL More Info
245/60R18 109H XL More Info
255/55R18 109H XL More Info
265/60R18 114H XL More Info
285/60R18 120T XL More Info
255/55R19 111H XL More Info

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Pattern: ATT

Selected Size: 215/65R16 102H

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